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Koon is the national tree and flower of Thailand. The yellow flowers symbolize Thai Royalty. Non Thais know the tree as the Golden Shower Tree. Its Latin name is Cassia fistula. The formal Thai name is “Rajapruek” which seems to be … Continue reading

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National Tree of Scotland

When in England there is nothing quite like walking through a Beech wood – the sounds, the scent, the soft bed underfoot. In Scotland the equivalent experience would be to walk through a Scots Pine wood. Scots Pine is the … Continue reading

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Giant Krabak

This is the biggest Krabak tree in Thailand. It towers 50 metres above the ground and measures 16 metres plus around its girth. This giant tree is found 4 km from the headquarters of Taksin Maharat Park in Tak Province. … Continue reading

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Strangler Fig

I almost walked past this today without noticing anything unusual. Just a normal tree right? Actually it is an impressive example of a Strangler Fig which has all but taken over its original host. These plants begin life when their … Continue reading

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