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The Gilis

The Gilis are an archipelago of three small islands off the northwest coast of Lombok. They comprise Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. They really are a string of pearls. By the way try not to refer to them … Continue reading

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Mount Bromo and the Fall

  On the 9th March, 1998 the Indonesian Rupiah fell 17% against the US Dollar. The Chinese Indonesian staff nervously glanced out the office windows as if anxious to start for home before the approaching storm. This was not however the monsoon season.              I was … Continue reading

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Rinjani East of Java

Well I couldn’t resist the title. As a boy I do recall watching, with horrified but rapt attention, the 1969 film “Krakatoa East of Java”. This was nominated for an Oscar but there were some problems including inaccuracy in detail (when did that ever hold Hollywood back?). As … Continue reading

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