Koon is the national tree and flower of Thailand. The yellow flowers symbolize Thai Royalty.

Non Thais know the tree as the Golden Shower Tree. Its Latin name is Cassia fistula. The formal Thai name is “Rajapruek” which seems to be a popular name for Thai restaurants judging by the results of a Google search but in everyday conversation it is called Koon.

It blooms in March and April with extensive flowering. So much so that sometimes no leaves can be seen at all. It is more common up-country but not too difficult to find in the parks and along the roads in Bangkok. These photos I took in Queen Sirikit Park, which adjoins the larger Railway Park, which is a reasonable cycling distance from home. A stunning tree in more ways than one.  Its seeds are poisonous.



About The Weary Traveller

I like to walk up and down hills. I've been so very fortunate to have lived most of my life in the Far East (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam) and the Middle East (Qatar, Oman and U.A.E). I now live and work in Bangkok. I'm past the half century now and can't help but feel that some of the mountains that I've climbed lately I should have done yesteryear. The mind is willing if the legs are not always so. Here are some stories and realized dreams of hills climbed and, dales and deserts crossed. With a bit of art thrown in. I hope you might enjoy.
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